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Take back your free time by trusting us to clean your house.

Whether you are busy working or raising a family, finding time for yourself is difficult to say the least. When you are lucky enough to find a moment of respite, cleaning your house is probably the last thing you want to do. However, you can save your time and energy when you come to us for house cleaning.

House Cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina

At Amanda’s Maid, we love making a difference in your life by cleaning your home well and helping you reclaim your free time. When we provide you with house cleaning services, we will use a checklist of all the areas and items that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You can rely on us to sanitize countertops, vacuum floors and upholstery, load the dishwasher, clean mirrors, wipe down appliances, dust hard surfaces, remove cobwebs, take out the garbage, and more. Once we have finished, we’ll leave you with an environment that is clean and pleasant.

In addition, we can customize our services according to your specific needs. If you want to provide your preferred products for our cleaners to use, you’re welcome to do so. Or, if you want our cleaners to clean just your bathrooms and kitchen rather than your entire home, we will accommodate accordingly. We’ll even keep a file with your important details such as allergies, sensitivities to strong smells, objects with sentimental value in your home, and any other notes you provide that can help us better serve your needs.

We’re proud to serve Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding communities in a 30-mile radius. If you would like to schedule house cleaning, contact us today.