I highly recommend Amanda’s Maid to anyone looking for a cleaning service. They won’t disappoint you. They went above and beyond my expectations. Cleaning throughout and handling delicate details in every corner. The team is very professional, and they always want to make sure to meet your expectations on their service.

-Nathalia D.

For nearly four years, Amanda’s Maid has been cleaning my home on a weekly basis. All of their cleaning techs are consistently thorough, pleasant, and trustworthy. Today, I had the pleasure of having Karina clean, and I came home to a spotless, fresh-smelling home. I highly recommend this company.

-Kathleen H.

As everyone knows, It’s not easy to find a good cleaning company! I already tried many different ones. And when I meet Amanda’s Maid, I was in love with the way that they work and the price. My house smells so good, and they are always on time at my door! Reliable, great price, and fantastic. I wish I had them before in my life. Thanks.

-Roberta M.

-Roberta M.

Katty and Yanolys cleaning is something my family and I look forward to every week. They do a very thorough job and take feedback really well. Highly recommend!

-Jessica D.

This is the best cleaning company I’ve ever used. The girls are very nice and do everything very well. They even make little bows in the toilet and kitchen papers, which I think is very sweet. I totally recommend this company.

-Naara J.

Been using Amanda’s-Maid for about a year. They always do a great job and add a lot of little touches that make it a special service.

-Chad H.

Love the service & communication! Will recommend! Karina was the best!

-Jamillah S.

Amanda’s Maid is great! The crew is attentive to details, and the customer service is amazing. Best cleaning service I’ve ever had. They come every two weeks, always text before to confirm/remind, and ask how everything after each service was. I totally recommend!

-Brandon R.

The Amanda’s Maid cleaning crew is always on time, and they do great work! We have tried several other cleaning companies before, but we were always let down with no-shows and all around poor work. Amanda’s crew is always very detailed in their cleaning, and they leave our home shining every time. Our kids especially love the little toilet paper flowers they do. I highly recommend them. Thank you!

-Cara S.

We’ve had an amazing experience with Amanda’s Maid! They are thorough, efficient, and responsive. Every visit, they ask for feedback to make sure the visit meets our expectations. This is so important as I’ve had cleaners who start to slack once they feel like you are a regular customer. With Amanda’s Maid, we feel equally important to them on our visit today as we did on the very first clean. They are also so sweet and friendly with our pets. I’m so happy we found them!

-Brett B.

I look forward to the arrival of Amanda’s Maid every time. My home always looks and smells clean. Each appointment, I receive a reminder the day before and a follow-up the day of after my home was cleaned to make sure I am happy. These ladies are very organized and take pride in their company.

-Alicia A.

Amanda’s Maid was so professional and organized, which I truly appreciate in a small business. The communication was prompt and friendly. They arrived on time and did an absolutely outstanding job. We will be using them from now on!

-Liza W.

Professional and kind! They did a fantastic job. Far better than any service I have used in the past. House is spotless and smells wonderful! Will continue to do business with this company.

-Ashley S.

We love Amanda’s Maid. The staff is always super responsive and timely. Their cleaning services are fantastic— always just what we are looking for. Very thorough and professional.

-Paige B.

We would highly recommend this company! The staff was all very responsive, polite, and professional! Our house looks and feels amazing after the cleaners visited!


Amanda knew what she was doing when she created Amanda’s Maid. This service is amazing! We have been using them for about 3 months now, and we love these girls!! We use Lola, Yanolys, & Jessica. I especially love that they treat my mom respectfully and love my cats!! They remember us; we don’t feel like we are just a job to them!! They are always on time (sometimes even early), take their time to make sure the job is done correctly, and we haven’t had any complaints since this crew began with us!! I love coming home from work after they have been here!! Not only does it smell wonderful and look wonderful, but my bed always seems a little cozier after they have fluffed and straightened the pillows!! Plus, I appreciate the little touches… like roses or bow ties left for me, a simple but wonderful gesture that leaves me smiling when I see them. I look forward to seeing what was left for me each week!!

If, for some reason, you do need to get in touch with customer service, it is super easy, and they are extremely helpful!! Beatrice & Gustavo are definitely helpful and make you feel like you matter. If you have a concern, they address it immediately. If you have positive comments, they are very appreciative to hear them and express their gratitude. I would definitely recommend Amanda’s Maid to anyone who needs that extra bit of help keeping things neat, clean, & tidy.

-Becky M.

The company provides great service. The cleaners are thorough and clean the house well.

-Nonna K.

The team was incredibly professional and did an amazingly thorough job with lots of lovely personal touches.

-Michelle H.

First time using them, and they were great. They were on time and completed everything in a timely manner. I love that there are no contracts. I can’t wait until they come again.

-Priscilla E.

Amanda cleans my house monthly and does a fabulous job. They are very thorough and very kind. I would recommend them to anyone.

-Ginnelle D.

Amanda and her team are amazing! I love coming home to a clean house and all the extra touches that they provide. I highly recommend them and trust them in my home!

-Stephanie R.

They did such an amazing job on my move-in cleaning. Their communication was great, and they were so thorough and detailed scrubbing every nook and cranny of our home. Our home smells so good, and I feel confident moving into the clean space. Thank you, Amanda’s Maid –  the best investment!

-Woomie C.

Amanda has been cleaning for me about 3 months. Her work is great. She and the other ladies work efficiently, and I am so pleased. I would highly recommend her.

-Claudia R.

Amanda has been working with us since August, and we have no complaints. Simple, quick, and fair price; exactly what we need. We recommend.

-Danny A.

I loved the staff and cleanliness! Thank you for the service. I became a loyal customer.

-Krisley C.

This cleaning service is top-notch! The ladies are very thorough and super efficient! They definitely went above and beyond! I have signed up for a monthly cleaning from them and love that there is no contract. Highly recommend!
-Anna K.

This is the second time using Amanda’s Maid cleaning services, and I am thoroughly impressed! Sweet ladies all around. The attention to detail is great, and I love the fact they ask how I would like things cleaned. I had the pleasure of having Katty and Yololys at my home yesterday, and they were phenomenal! If you are looking for a new cleaning service, give them a try.

-Yolanda H.

I have been using Amanda’s Maid for several months now and have had a great experience. They are easy to get a hold of via text, confirm/send appointment reminders, and always arrive on time. They do a great job keeping my home looking great while making the scheduling process convenient and painless.

-Tamra M.

Amanda’s team has been cleaning my home for 2 years. They always do a lovely job and leave my floors sparkling despite all the dog hair that my dog sheds! Thank you!

-Caroline G.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Amanda’s Maid! The cleaner was on time, professional, and detailed. I recommend their service to everyone.

-Caroline B.

These ladies did such a great job, and they were so easy to work with/coordinate with our schedules. So glad we found this company!

-Meredith B.

Amanda’s Maid is amazing, and I highly recommend them for deep cleaning and standard cleaning services. Their attention to detail is impeccable. They are phenomenal at cleaning, but my favorite is the little details, such as the way the organize my daughter’s stuffed animals each time they come. It’s so cute and always puts a smile on my face. They are reliable, flexible when needed, and I look forward to continuing to use them for my cleaning needs!

-Valerie G.

Amanda’s Maid has consistently provided a high level of cleaning service. What sets them apart from other providers is: 1. Following up after every cleaning 2. Willing to make sure any issue is addressed immediately 3. Willingness to accommodate last minute schedule changes. We are very happy with their work and gladly recommend, too.

-Nishant S.

We’ve been using Amanda’s Maid for a couple of months now and are incredibly pleased every time they come to clean our house. They do a fantastic job and make sure they communicate when they’re arriving and make sure everything is to your expectations. I highly recommend using this service if you’re looking for a home cleaning service.

-Jacob R.

After interviewing several cleaning companies and individuals, our family selected Amanda’s Maid. Their contact person, Beatrice, has been excellent with both her communication and professionalism. The ladies who clean our home are wonderful to deal with. While their standard clean is very good, I am always impressed with the little touches they do to show they care: beds made (when my kids forget), paper towels, toilet paper, bathroom towels are folded into beautiful origami shapes – you can just tell they are committed to next-level service. The communication after they clean is fantastic, too. Beatrice always texts and asks if it was done to our liking. I wish I could give them 10 stars. Thank you again for all you do – you guys definitely have loyal customers here!

-Whitney D.

Amanda’s Maid did a wonderful job cleaning my house! Their team was polite and efficient, and my home looks beautiful. They were exactly what I needed, and I look forward to having them back.

-Andie B.

These ladies are so wonderful – they show up on time, their quality of service is always to par, and they are very detail oriented! Amanda and her team are also great with communication and reminding us of cleanings and always check in upon completion to make sure everything went well. I also love that they provide multiple payment options!

-Sarah Z.

I have used Amanda’s Maid for 2 1/2 years, and never one time have I been disappointed! They are thorough and professional – kind and, quite frankly, I wouldn’t use anyone else. They do not have a lot of clients in my area but still will come up to the Concord/Kannapolis area for me! Today, they left sweet gifts for me and my daughter and three rope balls for our dogs! What great customer service they give!

-Ginnelle D.

Stumbled upon Amanda’s Maid, and what a great surprise! We hired them for a move-in cleaning, and they did a fantastic job! Very responsive and answered all of my questions. Will definitely be using them again!

-Jennifer W.

Amanda’s Maid is really AMAZING! They did such a wonderful job that made my life much easier. I don’t know how I could organize my life now without them. I am so thankful for these girls. Thank you, thank you, thank you I Highly recommend them!

-Juliana C.

Love this company! They do such a fabulous job and leave the house smelling so nice and clean! I would recommend to anyone!

-I. C.

I am so grateful for Amanda’s team. They are professional, courteous, and above all, do a thorough job cleaning my home.

-Charli K.

They have always been on time, and do an amazing job! It’s so nice to not have to worry about cleaning the house before family comes to visit.

-Cait W.

Lola and her partner were fantastic. We had a whole-house deep clean. They were very meticulous about their work and made sure we were pleased. Recommend them highly.

-Kathy S.

Amanda and her team do a fantastic job, and I’m always impressed with every cleaning they provide.

-Bruno D.

We have been very happy with Amanda’s Maid. The first service cleans the house as well as I would do myself if I had the time. Punctual and honest. I couldn’t be happier, and I couldn’t recommend more highly.

-Jennifer C.

Amanda & her team always do an amazing job! Very trustworthy and will do anything you need/want extra attention cleaning for! Never a disappointment & always a treat to come home to a spotless home every time.

-Rachel Ann B.

Amanda has cleaned multiple homes for me, and she always does a fantastic job! She’s handled difficult situations and has always been so accommodating with special requests. Plus, she’s very friendly and easy to work with. I wouldn’t hire anyone else to clean our home.

-Justin R.

I couldn’t get anyone better than Amanda’s team to clean my house. I’m just sorry not to have found her years ago. They are awesome, and I haven’t seen my house as clean as it is for a long time. Now, I feel great coming to the comfort of my cleaned home and just being able to relax without worries. Thanks a million times for your hard work.

-Dalva K.

Yes, I highly recommend her. She does an excellent job and is very reliable. She is also a very helpful and friendly person.

-Nathália L.

Definitely recommend their services! My home is spotless & smells very good. The cleaners were very friendly & professional. I plan on using the services again.

-J. M.

The ladies at Amanda’s Maid are wonderful. I’ve been using them to clean my home for over a year now. They are responsive and highly communicative. Their staff is professional, prompt, and great at their services! I would recommend them to anyone.

-Madison B.

I’ve had a great overall experience with this company! Mary was very quick to respond and answer my questions. They’re more affordable than some of the other places we checked out and don’t require a contract. Claudia and Lara did a great job cleaning our house this morning; all the rooms look and smell great. We’ll be using Amanda’s Maid again!

-Megan Z.

Katty and Yonolis do an amazing job keeping our home clean. They are fast and thorough. Amanda’s  office staff communicates well and is very responsive.

-Evelyn C.

Karina arrived on time with all of her equipment. I was able to go back to work. She closed up the house when she left and even brought in the garbage can!


We have used Amanda’s Maid several times now. We first asked them to a deep clean of our new house prior to our move-in date. They did a fabulous job of cleaning the house from top to bottom, which made our first day in the house less overwhelming! We’ve used them several times since and have always been extremely satisfied with their communication and thoroughness! Their fee is very reasonable and consistent with the size of our house. I highly recommend Amanda’s Maid! Side note: I love that they make little flower arrangements out of the tissue paper and toilet paper! I feel like I just walked into a hotel!

-Chelsey O.

The crew from Amanda’s Maid did a wonderful job cleaning my home for the holidays. I have had a lot of medical complications this holiday season, so having a cleaner I can trust to do the hard deep-cleaning work meant the world to me. The crew was professional and thorough, and left lots of small personal touches throughout my home. I highly recommend!

-Kayla B.

I would highly recommend Amanda’s Maid! They are very easy to communicate with to schedule your services and pay your bill (fast and thorough responses). The cleaners who came to my house were very polite and did an outstanding job!

-Lauren A.

As a full-time working mom of two, I appreciate being able to rely on a team to take care of my home as I would. I can’t recommend Amanda’s Maid enough! They make scheduling convenient and do a thorough job. I love their add-ons, like base board cleaning, that I can add on when needed. You won’t be disappointed!

-Lauren D.

Amanda’s Maid has been great with cleaning our apartment the past few months. They are great at communication, pricing is fair, and they are dog friendly!! I enjoy having them come once a month to clean and always look forward to it!

-Bailey G.

We have been very pleased with the crew each time they’ve come. They do some very nice extra touches, such as folding the towels hotel style, making nice folds with paper products, and other small niceties. We’ve also been very impressed with the responsiveness and communication when scheduling and the follow up after the crew has finished to make sure everything was satisfactory. Would recommend them without reservation.

-Bradley S.

It is great working with them. They are very responsive, timely, and they do a great job. I really like the constant communication to confirm appointments, quality of the work done, and easy payments. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality of work provided.

-Chris J.

I have used this wonderful company for the last 4 months, and initially, I just wanted one deep clean, but I was in awe after the first deep clean, so now they come in every month. The attention to detail they give my home is like nothing I have ever experienced. They are professional and go above and beyond every time they come. I am blessed they came into my life and no longer stressed about the cleaning of my home. Highly recommend. I didn’t know I needed this service until I invited them in my home, and now, I don’t know what I would do without them.

-Amanda L.

Excellent house-cleaning service. Beatriz was very prompt in answering my call and scheduling my house-cleaning appointment. The crew was all very thorough, and I would definitely refer them and use them again.


The ladies at Amanda’s Maid did not disappoint! They were professional, SO nice, and my house looks amazing! Thank you for the first clean not being the last!

-Amanda J.

The team was friendly, professional, and thorough. My house looks great! I would definitely recommend and look forward to booking in the future. Thank you!

-Taylor J.

Cleaners showed up exactly when expected, listened to my needs, and then got to work. I was never bothered, and my house looks beautiful!

-Julia L.

Great service and communication! They are following COVID guidelines and always let us know when they are coming to our home. Highly recommended.

-Angelica G.

Absolutely amazing. My house is the cleanest it has ever been. I would highly recommend!!

-Rebeca W.

Good maid service. They clean my house every week. Super affordable! Would definitely recommend.

-Doug W.

Super affordable and reliable. I definitely recommend, especially if you live a busy life like and don’t have the time to clean and dust like you want. They’ll come in on a schedule!

-Oh W.

I contracted with Amanda’s Maid this past Summer; I held out for a very long time and just couldn’t balance work, life, and cleaning anymore. I am extremely particular and have to say, I hit the lottery with Amanda. Amanda and her helpers are professional, thorough, accommodating when I have a special request, and so pleasant. Amanda does a walkthrough of my home before leaving, and within a couple of hours, contacts me for feedback. Amanda and her helpers are trustworthy, and an added bonus for me, they love my 3 puppies and are very careful when opening doors. To say I am 100 percent happy would be an understatement! I highly recommend Amanda’s Maid.

-Kat J.

Professional, efficient, always communicative, and on time! Amanda’s Maid is by far the best cleaning company I have worked with. They do a thorough job and do so for a very reasonable cost. Highly recommend.

-Madison B.

Amanda and her team are always so professional, timely, and thorough every time they come to the house. Beautiful work that I will continue to use for a long time!

-Makenzie D.

That time just made a miracle! My home looks perfect. I’m sure going to get that service again!

-Camila L.